The Passion of serving our clients at the depth that we feel it needs to be served is embodied in our belief that creative collaboration of boutique companies has a greater impact to meeting those in need than we as one company trying to be all things to all people. Because of this belief, we have provided a Resource Page of companies and organizations that we often collaborate with to create the amazing projects.

Featured Partners

Live Design Group

Architecture is, in many ways, the fabric of a community, woven together to create a physical landscape where people live, work, and play. We would love the opportunity to start the conversation with you about how we might work together to tell your story by creating a place that connects people and strengthens your community.

Equip Studio

Every facility communicates a story. At Equip Studio, our goal is to equip our partners with facility designs that help tell their story and help them accomplish their mission.


LS3P’s mission is to engage clients to design meaningful places that serve people, organizations, institutions and communities. At their core, they are a design firm, dedicated to contributing their best to projects, clients, society and each other with integrity and passion. They engage people in the process of architecture to create outstanding places to live, work, learn, heal, serve, worship and play.